Saturday, February 28, 2010


A Caribbean-themed Wedding

The Caribbean, with its reggae and calypso music, may be one of the most pleasant and universally-enjoyed wedding themes. It could also be suggested that a majority of couples getting married schedule a trip to a tropical destination for their honeymoon. Thus, it makes perfect sense to start the fun stateside with one's entourage and guests joining in the fun!

Certainly, most people would agree that marriage is one of the most significant events in a person's life; and the wedding often entails months... even a year or more of planning. Establishing a theme from the onset can make preparations much easier. Tropical decorations and Caribbean cuisine are readily available, and can transform just about any reception location into the ballroom of a Caribbean-bound cruise ship.

One key element in the 'tone' of a wedding (literally) is, of course, the music, and nothing puts guests and the couple themselves more “in the spirit” of the tropics than some “Irie” Reggae and Calypso music! It is in this regard that the band IRIE TIME excels as the “ultimate” in classic Caribbean vibes. The band has been performing private events, such as pool parties, receptions, dinners and, indeed, countless weddings in the Tropical theme for over a decade.

Their music immediately draws many adults and elderly in attendance back to their recollections of Caribbean cruises they may have been on, or their vacations in the islands. Younger attendees, too, appreciate the “cool” vibes associated with reggae music... indeed, Bob Marley's 'hero' persona and the laid-back musical grooves.

The “hot hot hot” Soca (Calypso) rhythms also connect with practically all ages, and the scene of a Conga Line winding its way through attendees' seating in the reception hall is an exhilarating sight! While a Limbo contest for the party-goers may seem a natural follow-through to the Conga Line, the infectious pulse of Calypso is certain to have everyone in attendance “tapping their toes”!

Often times, IRIE TIME sets the stage from the start of the event by providing instrumental Steel Pan music as background ambiance for guests arriving from the wedding ceremony, getting their drinks, and socializing as they await the arrival of the newly married couple. Once hors d'oeuvres or dinner is served, seated attendees can enjoy more Reggae rhythms that gently complement their visiting (rather than command their attention), and provide a warm backdrop to the cuisine and conversation they are enjoying.

As the night continues, IRIE TIME's music can accelerate to provide up-tempo dance music that will have everyone... young and old alike... filling the dance floor. Prior instruction in dance moves is unnecessary for this music, since standing in one place and “walking 'pon the spot” is all that's needed! Certainly, the Conga Line's alternating 'step and kick' as one hangs onto the person in front of them is simple enough to just “learn as you go”; but simply walking along with the line is something that virtually everyone in attendance can enjoy participating in.

Book IRIE TIME now by calling (713) 398-3798 or visit their website, They have the experience and professionalism to make your wedding an unforgettable, fun-filled experience for all.

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